Advanced Billing

Recurring Billing

Simplify your invoicing. Ignite Payments Merchant Services Group’s Recurring Billing service is designed to automate your customers’ recurring payments as well as provide you with a powerful selection of tracking and reporting tools. After a one-time entry of customer transaction information into our secure online interface, you can:

  • Set up timed credit card transactions
  • Build fully flexible schedules (any period of days, weeks or months)
  • Prorate first payments
  • Control declined transactions and customize settings for automatic retries
  • Email invoices to your customer
  • View and email detailed recurring billing reports and customer transaction histories
  • Manage taxes on a per-customer basis
  • Access comprehensive fraud-prevention tools

For ultimate control and customization or if you are a developer, we offer an API which can be integrated into your own system.

Batch Processing

Ignite Payments Merchant Services Group’s Batch Processing service coordinates an unlimited number of payments at the same time.

Credit Card Payments

Manage a large amount of credit card information without sending each customer to an online payment form. Perfect for mail or telephone orders and other card-not-present environments.

Ignite Payments Merchant Services Group makes it simple:

  • Enter your customer card information into a CSV-formatted file (such as Excel)
  • Upload to an easy-to-use interface in your own online member area. Files can be loaded 30 days in advance
  • Process the entire file at once
  • Download reports explaining the status of each transaction


Manage your PCI Compliance

Ignite Payments’s Tokenization service encrypts every piece of confidential data your customer supplies and stores it on our PCI-certified servers.

Who needs Tokenization?

Tokenization is designed to combine with any process which could potentially expose secure data. It offers the perfect solution if you need to:

  • Integrate your server to one of our powerful payment processing services through an Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Store customer card data before using a payment processing service such as Batch Processing

How does Tokenization work?

When your customer makes their first payment, they create a profile with a password which enables the information to store securely away from your servers. When it comes time to make a payment, the merchant passes a unique customer code or “token” to the Ignite Payments gateway instead of the confidential information. As an added advantage, repeat customers enjoy a streamlined process.