Interac Flash

What Is Interac Flash

Interac Flash, an enhancement of Interac® Debit, gives cardholders the choice to pay with debit for small value transactions up to $100 without inserting their card and entering a PIN. Interac Flash enabled debit cards will have this symbol on the front of the card.

Did you know?: Interac Flash is the first and only contactless debit payment solution in Canada.

How It Works

Interac Flash is a faster way to pay with an Interac Debit card. To pay, cardholders should:

  • look for the symbol and/or the Interac Flash logo on or near the payment terminal or reader.
  • when prompted, briefly hold their card in front of the secure terminal or reader.
  • wait for an approval message or a beep to indicate their payment is complete. The purchase will automatically be debited from the bank account the customer’s normally uses.

Did you know?: The first Interac Flash card was issued in 2011.

Key Messages — Fast And Secure

Interac Flash is relatively new so some customers are still getting used to how it works and the benefits attached to it. When speaking to customers about Interac Flash, here are some key points to be aware of:

  1. Interac Flash is a faster, more convenient way to pay with Interac Debit — customers can pay directly from their bank account without inserting their card and entering a PIN into a payment terminal by simply holding their card on the front of the payment terminal.
  2. Interac Flash is an easy way to eliminate the use of cash and coins — No need for customers to fumble for cash and change.
  3. Interac Flash is very secure — the cards use chip technology and other security measures to protect against fraud. The Interac Zero Liability Policy protects cardholders against losses from unauthorized transactions.

Did you know?: If Interac Flash is not accepted at a merchant location, customers can still use their Interac Debit card by inserting their chip and entering their pin.

Key Message — Spending Limits

Interac Flash enabled cards come with transaction limits as an added security measure.

Financial Institutions set contactless limits for purchases, usually $100, as well as a possible cumulative, or total spend limit. That’s because Interac Flash purchases are deducted immediately from the customer’s bank account.

Once a limit is reached, customers will be asked to insert their card and enter their PIN to complete the transaction. This will re-set their limits.

When making purchases beyond the Interac Flash spending limits, customers will also be prompt to enter their pin.

Did you know?: Interac Flash transactions are debited from your account immediately from the cardholders account, just like Interac Debit.


Sometimes, it may seem that Interac Flash isn’t working. That’s typically not the issue. If an Interac Flash transaction can’t be completed, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • A customer does not have an Interac Flash enabled card — look for the contactless symbol on the front of the card.
  • The card was held against the contactless terminal before the terminal prompted the customer.
  • A transaction limit has been reached or the value of the purchase exceeds the card’s limits.
  • The card is being held too far away from the reader and the transaction times out for security reasons.

Did you know?: Criminals can’t steal information. Interac Flash is protected against it with chip technology.


Interac Flash enabled debit cards are currently issued by: Scotiabank, RBC Royal Bank, TD Canada Trust and various credit unions including Sunova and Affinity

Did you know?: Interac Flash transactions are all itemized on the customer’s bank statement, just like with Interac Debit.