First Data Mobile Pay Plus™

Using Your Smartphone, iPad Or Android Tablet, Ignite Payments Customers Are Able To Accept Chip & Pin Cards Including Tap & Go And Debit Cards.

The iCMP pinpad, by Ingenico, connects via Bluetooth, with a long lasting battery, so you never have to hand over your smartphone, iPad™ or tablet to a customer. Designed for mobility with a lightweight design, you can accept payments everywhere.

  • Accept all payment methods including EMV Chip & PIN, Magstripe & NFC / Contactless.
  • Connect iCMP to Mobile Pay and Mobile Pay for iPad™ via Bluetooth.
  • Provide payment acceptance everywhere thanks to a pocket-sized and lightweight payment device.

Turn Your Smartphone, iPad or Android tablet into a fast, safe, flexible, debit and credit terminal

ingenicoWith the Ignite Payments First Data Mobile Pay Plus app, you can offer fast, safe and flexible debit and credit card processing anywhere you go by using your iPhone, iPad or Android tablet.

Once you’ve downloaded the application and connected the chip-and-PIN enabled pinpad via Bluetooth® to your smart-Device, your customers can then either tap or insert their credit or debit card and enter their PIN. You can accept payments wherever you have wireless coverage, with either your current cellular data plan or via Wi-Fi. Payments are processed in real time, with an e-receipt generated and sent to the customer via e-mail as soon as the transaction takes place.

You receive the fast funding that comes with instant authorization and the chargeback protection that comes from chip-and-pin.

Built-In Security

You can be assured your customer’s card data is safe, because all data is encrypted instantly in the pinpad, using First Data’s industry leading TransArmor® encryption and tokenization product. Whether chip-and-PIN, swiped or entered manually. data is secured before it leaves the pinpad, protecting you and your customers from the thread of card data compromise. Your smart-Device is never exposed to unencrypted data.

Benefits of the Ignite Payments Mobile Pay Plus Solution

  • Accept credit and debit payments in real time from virtually anywhere
  • Reduce your processing fees – pay lower card-present rates
  • Less expensive than a traditional POS terminal
  • Protect your money – EMV® chip-and-PIN tranactions are protected against chargebacks
  • E-receipt delivered to customer’s e-mail at the time of the transaction
  • 24/7 customer support