Sell More

Ignite Payments’ Merchant Solutions Help Businesses Reach More Customers, Know Them Better And Unlock Their Buying Power

Our mission at Ignite Payments Merchant Services is to help your business Sell More and grow by unlocking your customer’s spending power and giving them more choice!

More Customers

Serve more customers by offering fast and secure payment services, in tandem with a selection of devices so you never have to say no to a customer’s preferred payment method. At the counter, at the table and at the door.

More Sales

Encourage repeat business and bigger purchases with our easy-to-use offers, rewards and loyalty program.

More Ways

We’ll help you take your business online with a virtual terminal or gateway, or anywhere the customer might be with our MobilePay smartphone app.

As one of the largest payment processors in the world, Ignite Payments is continually developing new technologies to improve your business’ performance and stay on the cutting edge of customer service.